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All of my pens are handmade in my woodworking shop. Careful attention is being paid to the selection of the right materials, moreover, to the whole preparation process of the pen. Thus the pen you choose becomes an exclusive designer gift that you will be able to use on a daily basis.
Handcrafted pens, whether they are fountain pens, roller pens or ball pens, due to their quality of being hand-crafted and the different patterns which come from the nature of the delicate wood, every single pen is designed and customized for its owner.
My pens are made of exceptional quality wood materials from many countries in the world. You can find indigenous (beech, cherry, oak), non-indigenous (plum, black walnut) wood, or wood species from exotic lands (American cherry, padauk) among the materials I work with.
Please select the wood type and the coating of the metal parts you like (chrome, gold, black metallic) and entrust me to prepare your inimitable styled writing instrument.

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